Ideas Management Department

Support for the introduction of a new idea management platform incl. campaign module by means of marketing support. To activate employees with the aim of promoting the active contribution of ideas for the further development of the company.

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Customer needs

The idea management system that has been established in the company for many years is a leader in the financial sector and contributes to the further development of LBBW’s product and process landscape with excellent results.

In the context of the pandemic, the number of ideas at LBBW – as in many other companies – declined. The new framework conditions due to home office, new work, crises (fears) made it necessary for idea generation to be more active among employees and to become daily business again. Since idea management is an excellent method and success factor for product profitability, process efficiency and creative cooperation, it was important to bring this instrument back into focus for employees.


A future-proof and benchmark-setting instrument was created, which uses a modern ideas platform to guide employees in generating and evaluating ideas. As an active management and motivation tool, employees enjoy developing the company and being rewarded for new ideas through attractive forms of participation.


In addition to the method, the idea management had to be actively accompanied by marketing measures. LBBW’s excellent advertising line was transferred to idea management and thus symbolises the connection – company – employees – idea. This is then reflected in effectively placed accompanying advertising materials such as roll ups, posters, stickers, give aways, etc.

Another central means of communication was the development of an image film, which contains the communicative central idea and is used via various channels such as the intranet, Infopoint, youtube link, etc. The film is also used as an advertising medium.

A call-to-action and a campaign logo designed for this purpose form the content and visual bracket across all advertising media.

In this way, a complete package was developed, which has been well received both within the company and beyond.